About Us

Pujya Shashi Bhai, from Bhavnagar, popularly known as Bhaishree took pravachans on the teachings of Gnani's such as Pujya Shrimad Rajchandra (Krupaludev), Pujya Kanjiswami (Gurudevshree), Pujya Champaben (Benshree) among others, across multiple cities in India and over the years. This website is compilation of about 8000 of his pravachans. It has been built so that all of us can take advantage of listening to his teachings and benefit from it to do our Atma Kalyan. If one listens to Him, understands the intention behind his pravachans,they will certainly know the difference between a shushk (namesake) Gnani and a (true) Gnani. And moreover, one realises the differences between the true path towards realising one’s Soul in comparison to the so many other religious beliefs / systems (within Jainism too) prevalent today.

Sole intention of Atma Kalyan is the reason of this site. One can easily remove any of their misunderstanding or wrong understanding of Tatva by listening to these pravachans, and work towards their goal of achieving samyak darshan (right belief). If you benefit from this site, please do promote it, spread Pujya Bhaishree’s vaani (teachings) so that others can benefit too. We have no commercial or personal interest in building this site. In today’s times when true dharm (religion) almost ceases to exist, as many as possible should benefit from the invaluable and precious teachings of true Gnanis. In comparison to what Pujya Bhaishree has done to keep the true dharm alive, our effort is not even a drop in the ocean. We shall always be very grateful to Him. We do hope and wish that thru this website you will help us in this endevour of spreading of His noble teachings.